Cute Cupcake Nails! | twitter & instagram: @madjennsy
In this Nail Art Tutorial I show you how to create some cute cupcake nails! This design was created by me back in 2012! Feel free to change and use the colors of your choice :)

Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Apply base coat to protect your
    natural nails then paint your nails with a nude or white base.
  2. Create a french manicure using a mint nail polish.
  3. Paint some pastel stripes.
  4. Create an orange line dividing the base of the cupcakes with the cake itself.
  5. You can create chocolate or lemon cakes by using either brown or yellow paints
  6. Create a strawberry frosting using pink paint.
  7. Draw a red circle for the Cherry topping
  8.  Add details in brown paint.
  9. Add highlights in white paint.
  10. Finish off by sealing your manicure using a high end top coat and that's it!

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★ Quick Tip: Make sure to let completely dry each layer of paint! Be patient and it will pay off!

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